Wild and Crazy GenQ-ers

Generation Q is a hip new magazine for quilters and sewists who love modern stuff and enjoy a good dose of snark and fun in their quilty/sewing literature. I've been talking to Jake Finch, one of the editors of Gen Q, in email for months about a project and I finally got to meet her and her team at Quilt Market a few weeks ago.

Love. All of them.

I got to meet Jake, Melissa, Megan and this gal:

How cute is this picture?!

That's Kelly with Tracy Mooney. Like, for real, people. Love this gal. Tracy is super funny and snarky {just like the rest of the team} and incredibly nice. {Um, how many people do you know that can pull off a chartreuse sweater like this one? Not many.}  And she and Kelly have acting backgrounds, so they were highly entertaining when sharing the same airspace.

I can't say enough about the staff of Gen Q. They've been very supportive of MDCQ and even more, they want Kelly and I to succeed.  Not the kind of success that's a 15-minutes-of-fame/kiss-a**-to-get-ahead-kind-of-way - but in a way that's honorable and intelligent and with passion.

This is what I'm talking about, people. This is my sewing circle. These are my quilty peeps. This is the kind of stuff that gives me butterflies in my belly and kinda chokes me up a little.

I know I'm a total sap.

Ok, so Tracy is blogging about MDCQ today. Go visit her. Now.

The blog tour continues...

Tuesday, Nov. 6 Lindsay of CraftBuds

Wed., Nov. 7 Jill of Darling Jill Quilts

Thursday, Nov. 8 Faith of Fresh Lemons

Friday, Nov. 9 Tracy of Generation Q

Saturday, Nov. 10 Angela of Quilting is my Therapy

Sunday, Nov. 11 Shannon of Stitch Craft Create

Monday, Nov. 12 Laurie of Scarlet Fig

Tuesday, Nov. 13 Lindsay of The Cottage Mama

Wed., Nov. 14 Jessica of A Little Gray

Thursday, Nov. 15 Mary of The Tulip Patch

Friday, Nov. 16 Deborah of Whipstitch

Saturday, Nov. 17 Kaysie of KZJo’s Studio

Sunday, Nov. 18 Jenny of Sew Kind of Wonderful

Monday, Nov. 19 Carla of LollyQuiltz

Tuesday, Nov. 20 Thomas of Thomas Knauer Sews

Wed., Nov. 21 Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics

Thursday, Nov. 22 Liz Rea Inspire Me Grey

Friday, Nov. 23 Sarah of The Last Piece

Saturday, Nov. 24 Cara of Cara Quilts


  1. We do want you to succeed because you are awesome talented women. Besides, as women we all need to be supportive of each other. There isn't enough of that going around. You rock!

  2. Just found your blog tour on Angela Walters' blog. I'm so excited about this book! It's a great way to link tradition and today's modern feel. So thankful that it's been published.

  3. Andie, girl, you just rock! Thank you for the kind words. You will succeed because you've got talent, drive and a great heart!


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