It's December Already?! Sheesh.

How is it already December? I don't think I've stopped for 5 minutes since August. I've lost my entire fall season, which I *love* and went straight from summer to winter. Sigh.

Despite losing the entire harvest season, I'm surprisingly in a very festive Christmas mood. I've been slowly decorating the house and putting out the heirlooms and trinkets that make the house feel cozy and warm.  My husband hung one of my quilts in the dining room. He surprised me one day - he went to Ikea and got one of the cable-system curtain rods and mounted on the wall it while I was at work. He hung three of my quilts on it, but I told him it was a little overkill, so I kept the NY Beauty up. It looks good, I think. And I can switch out the quilts when I need a change of scenery

And this little baby is a paper-piecing project I've been working on. It's a sampler quilt made from Rosemary Youngs blocks from her Civil War Diaries books. I'm making the quilt and writing the pattern for Joann fabric stores. They commissioned it to sell in their stores next year.  Some of the blocks were nice and easy but some, like this one, took hours. This block ended up taking me about 2 hours. But it's such a fun project. And paper-piecing makes me feel like a quilting rock star.

And my baby girl, Bugs, met one of her favorite actors last week. This is Bugs with Eric Lange, the guy who plays Erwin Sikiwitz on Nickelodeon's show Victorious. He's been in lots of stuff, actually, including tons of TV shows and movies. He graduated from my daughter's high school in the early 90s and came back over Thanksgiving to do a fundraiser for the high school theatre department.  I was sick and couldn't go, which I was bummed about.  Even though most of the shows on Nickelodeon and Disney channel make me want to punch myself in the face, Victorious is actually a show that I watch and enjoy. It's pretty funny. And I'll encourage my almost 15 year old to watch it over any smut she'll see on MTV or Comedy Central. Word.


  1. Hi Andie, wow that tiny block is amazing! Dont you love paper peicing? Love the Am Beauty on the wall, goes so well with the room. Cheers, Kate

  2. The ikea curtain rod cable is an excellent idea! Thoughtful husband!! And the New York beauty is gorgeous, lovely, not just good! Well done

  3. What a sweetie! Your quilt looks amazing...

  4. That quilt. Kills. Me. (in a good way that makes me want to go sew.)

  5. Love, love, love that quilt! The piecing and I'm such a B&W traditional quilt fan! And holy heck, tiny piecing!!! Happy holidays!


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