Last Minute Secret Santa Gift

Tonight is our annual Cincy Modern Quilt Guild Holiday Potluck. I love this event - women who can quilt can almost always cook, so they'll be plenty of good grub and chatter.
We did a Secret Santa this month. We drew names last month and each participant was asked to give a short description of what they'd like to get from their Secret Santa. I asked for an ornament.
My recipient said "make something with bright colors".
So fast forward to yesterday:  If it wasn't for Jessica Instagraming her gift and talking about how last minute it was, I may have forgotten completely! {I thought I had another week. Duh}
So I kinda had to use what I had on hand.
And thank the fabric stash gods - I have plenty.
I made:
 A set of quilted notecards 
A zippered pouch
And I bought a set of gel pens, stamps and some yummy Japanese candy

I spent less than $10. Win!
I hope my gal likes it!


  1. How lovely... Lucky girl. Finally listened to your interview and you and Kelly are both adorable!

  2. I'd love it! i'm sure your secret pal will, too!

  3. Looks good, I'd be happy to receive!

  4. Yay for you! Last minute gifts are a great way to justify keeping a handy, and extensive stash. I recognize the DS Collection, green figure eight fabric, that's your lining. I love that!


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