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This just in...
Kelly and I will be chatting with Pat Sloan!
January 28
4pm est

More details about this coming soon.
Last night, we had our Cincy MQG holiday potluck. So much good food and giggling. And there was wine.
My Secret Santa was Gillian. She made me an ornament from some Melody Miller fabric that I *love*.
 She's super creative and can really sew. She just won Best Of Cincinnati from Cincinnati Magazine for baby gifts with her delicious baby booties. She made the typewriter to symbolize my book - I'm an author now! Really thoughtful gift. And I love that it came from Gillian, who I think is a pretty wonderful lady.
Gillian and Ellen.
Good food in our beautiful meeting space, The Centennial Barn in Wyoming, Ohio

Ok, this pic needs some explaining. This is Jessica. She's one of my favorite people. She sat next to me at dinner and I told her she's got me hooked on the Instagram. I *love* Instagram and it's all her fault. So, I tell her in honor of her hooking me on yet another social media I was going to Instragram-chronicle our evening.

When I snapped the pic, she says, "my goal for the night is to look as awkward as possible in all social media".

Well done, Jessica.
Mission accomplished.

And this is our Show 'N Tell. Amy is showing her Dresden Plate challenge quilt that she made for our upcoming exhibit with IQF in April. We had a great turnout of quilts and it was so fun watching all of us ooh and ahh over each other's projects.
I've mentioned Jungle Jim's mega-foodie superstore on this blog before. It's a crazy place with TONS of International foods. My daughter and I like to venture in to the Asian section and find cute candy and treats. We tried Mochi yesterday for the first time.
Um, interesting would be the word I would use to describe it.
Ice cream with a shell.



  1. Oh I miss you guys so much. I love the ornament! It is so darn cute!. And i'm with Jessica. It seems that whenever a photo is taken of me, it's in the most socially inappropriate pose. Amen sistah! Amy, the dresdens look awesome!

  2. Trader Joes has that exact mochi for sale in La-la land! My hubs loves it, his favorite flavor is mango. I'm not so into the rice cream (haha, crack myself up).

  3. Hahahahahahaha





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