Design Wall Monday

Well, it's really a table, not the design wall. We're in the process of shuffling rooms in order for me to have a proper sewing studio with storage space, lots of light and , most importantly, a door that closes. I need these things so I can stop being a hag and griping about people (I'm looking straight at you, oldest child) moving, using or taking MY STUFF. I'm a professional! I can't have my tools being used for hockey equipment repairs, gift wrapping or hair cutting!! Sigh. See? It's a bit of a touchy subject. I get a little worked up.....

This is really happening, people. It's a slow process, but it's happening. It must happen or I fear I might physically harm someone if it doesn't.

So today, in the dining room, I'm finishing a customer quilt. This will be a shipped off to a little one in Virginia and I just love when I can make something that I know will be snuggled and loved by a sweet-faced little rug rat.

I love this pattern - I've made it many times - because it's so scrappy and yummy and fun. Sadly, though, I think I'm retiring this one for a little while so I don't get sick of it. I want to make a twin-sized version of this quilt at some point, but maybe later this year...

And this happened last week. I visited a pretty, little traditional quilt shop, with my friend Lynn,  about 15 minutes from my house (Bella Quilts)  because I really love the ladies who work there. The fabric they carry is mostly civil war, 30s repro and batiks but they do carry some more modern stuff like Kate Spain and this beauty - Etchings. This fabric literally flew off the shelves when it came out, so I was thrilled to score 2 yards of it at 25% off! This fabric appeals to me for a number of reason, primarily because
I.  Love.  Maps

I love love love maps. I'm a sucker for maps. We have maps framed in our house (a nautical map of Schoodic Peninsula in Maine, among others) and books of maps. One of the things I do on a regular basis is look at Google maps - sometimes for hours - of places I want to visit. I just love them.

And the colors in this fabric are so soothing and tranquil. Mmmm. Love it.
And, of course, I had to have some of those dots. 'Cause I'm a sucker for polka dots.


  1. ooooh new studio space, sounds exciting! Love the scrappiness of this quilt. And I also love me some maps. I have a fat quarter of this and don't know how to use it to it's brightest shiniest potench.

  2. I know how you feel about people walking off with your stuff - so frustrating! When my girls were little I chose a pen and showed it to them and told them that if it was missing from the space by the phone and they were found to have it they would be in BIG TROUBLE! I hate trying to take a phone message with no pen :)

    Love that map fabric too!

  3. I love the scrappy quilt. Like you, I love maps, but I get my fix at my work. We have about 15000 historic maps so it gets to be very overwhelming at times!

  4. Oh, I've made that scrappy quilt myself! Isn't it great, how it comes together? The one I made is on the blow-up bed our grandson sleeps on when he visits. Bright, scrappy, and I even made those center triangles two-colored (where yours area all white) so it's even "more lively!" Hope you get the sewing set-up you've been dreaming about. I have mine now and absolutely love it!

  5. I REALLY like that quilt. Lucky little one who is getting it. I will have to copy your design (if I can) whenever I get my space for sewing here done. I'm with you on the maps thing. Only I don't have any framed. I do love them though.

  6. Your first paragraph made me laugh - sorry! My daughter was already out of the house married when I started quilting in earnest so she's not around too much to do damage, except for when she visits dad/grandpa when I'm not home and helps herself to some fabric! (I've been way too generous so she figures I don't care - eek!) Anyway, love your quilt! I just might need to try this pattern. Can't wait to see pics of your new duds.

  7. I love the scrappy x blocks. Something I'm going to do one day! A door doesn't help, unless it's locked I'm afraid. My kids/husband come and borrow stuff all the time, or just come to annoy me when I sit down!I'm a fellow map lover! I bought etchings too.

  8. Love your scrappy quilt! What size are your blocks? I'm new to quilting and scrappy looks are my very favorites. I'm doing a string block quilt with....... literally scraps! Didn't buy any fabrice...just using ends of pieces of fabric used over the years for making clothes, doll clothes and applique on shirts. The blocks for this are 7 inches and I piece them haphazardly when my mind can't concentrate on anything precise. Your work is so nice!

  9. I love this pattern. What is the name of the pattern? I really would like the size of the blocks and directions for making this quilt. My stash really needs to decrease and this looks easy enough for a beginner (8 year old granddaughter). Please share.

  10. This would make a great scrappy Quilt of Valor.... Would you share your Triangles' sizes?

  11. I love your scrappy quilt too !!! Can you send information on the name of the pattern or directions ?

  12. I love this quilt!!! I would love to get my hands on this pattern. Can you send info on the pattern?


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