The Return of Design Wall Monday

Well, it's not really on the design wall - more like designing to put on the design wall.

 This palette is for a project that I've, um, kind of procrastinated about for a little while. I shouldn't have, because it's one I've really looked forward to making.  And I have to confess: she asked me to make her a 40th birthday quilt the day she turned 38.


There are two issues with this project:
1. I sometimes get tripped up on a blank canvas kind of project. When someone says - hey, I want you to make a quilt for me and it's your choice of pattern and colors - I freeze a little. It doesn't happen all the time but often enough that I had to acknowledge it.

2. When I asked my friend what she wanted, she said aquas and purples....... {crickets, crickets} Crap. Aqua? And purple? Like, together? Yeah, she says. Um - not feeling it so much.

But I grabbed a Jennifer Paganelli FQ bundle from Sewn Studio a few weeks ago and found some remnants at the Fabric Shack last week, I think I have the beginnings of this project. The purple isn't really purple, but more of a purply-fuschia. And my friend is a romantic, so the florals will suit her very well. This palette needs some tweaking, but I'm onto something here.


  1. Maybe needs a pop of grassy green? (says the girl who would rank green among her least favorite colors) You could also throw in some amethyst...

    1. Yes-green would be a nice addition. I like it.

  2. Love the palette and you could get away with a deep purple or purplely blue.

  3. I like it. If your friend doesn't make you could shoot it my way! Just kidding, I bet she loves whatever you do, you do everything so well!
    Can't wait to see the progression of this one!

  4. That was supposed to be *MAYBE*
    And maybe I should learn to type!

  5. I won a fq bundle of that collection of Jennifer's fabrics. I've used a couple prints in a bee block, but otherwise, they're a little over-the-top, floral-wise, for me. I can appreciate the color challenge you're facing with them. But on the other hand, I am absolutely certain you'll rise to it and make something really smashing. Can't wait to see how great it is! (No pressure, of course!)

  6. Yep - I agree with the green needing to be added. Love the colourway - and I'm not a purple or aqua person either!

  7. You are off to a good start there. I totally understand the freezing thing - sometimes there are too many options!

    You describe your friend as a romantic - maybe the addition of some softer colors would help you "feel" where you're going a bit. Just a thought :) Good luck!


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