Word of the Year

For a few years now, instead of a having a cliche resolution on Jan 1, I have adopted my friend Lynn's tradition of having a word of the year.  I see that a lot of people are doing it now, which I think is soooo much better than making a promise to yourself and then breaking it only weeks or months later.

I've really thought about this.  This is serious business, people. This sets the tone for my whole year. It's going to be my attitude, my mojo, my juju for 2013. It's important that I get it right.

What word would sum up what I want to concentrate on this year? I wanna be smart with my business and my family and my finances. I want to be persistent and focused in my family and professional life. I want to be someone who recognizes greatness when she sees it and I want to be someone others look to for inspiration, warmth, intelligence and kindness. I want to be...


verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

1. to know; understand.


2. Also, sav·vi·ness. practical understanding; shrewdness or intelligence; common sense


3. shrewdly informed; experienced and well-informed; canny.     It's not sexy, but it's on the money. Smart. Wise. Informed. Shrewd.  All good things. All things I want to be. Everyday.   And thank you to Lynn who threw this word out to see if it stuck on our way home from the Cincy MQG meeting last night. She sent me a text this morning that her word is Intentional. Excellent word. Excellent sentiment.   What's your word?


  1. I started this last year also, my word was positive! This year it is encourage in all meanings of the word!

  2. Last year was my first time declaring a word for the year and I really enjoyed it. Last year it was stretch. This year it is build.

  3. I like savvy, it's a good word. I picked a word this year, I never have before. I chose learn, which I think for me, is a good one :-)

  4. Now you've got me thinking! I could do this too. So much better than a resolution that will soon be drudgery.
    In my situation that hopefully lasts a good long while I think the one word I want for my year is "patient"
    I need to let things go as they will and not rush things. I need to remember that things will happen in their time and no sooner.
    I need to remember that my father was patient with me when I was growing and I need to return that favor for the rest of his life. He walks slower and he doesn't hear as well, and he doesn't understand all the new technology. I need to walk at his pace, I need to speak more clearly and I need to explain things so that he can understand. And do all this with an honest smile in my heart.

  5. I'm another fan of yearly words. Last year was ENJOY, and I really did. My word for 2013 is HEALTHY. I've reverted back to my Weight Watcher good eating habits and was about to begin indoor cycling (outdoor is out of the question in the snow and cold here). Then both knees had an osteo-arthritis attack (never happened before and I'm too young for this). But I've had cortisone shots and will join an aquatics class instead. I will get healthy!!

    And, from an outsiders perspective, you are already very savvy! ;-)

  6. I've never chosen a word before but after reading a few of these posts, it popped into my head that my word is "jump". I'm trying to ban all those doubtful thoughts. As Nike says - just do it.

    Savvy is a fantastic word!

  7. You have a good start on that Savvy thing, Miss Andie! This is my first year to have a word....Finish! I can apply it to so many areas of my life.

  8. My word this year is Rally. Time to bounce back from a life wrecking year!! LOL! Things happened fast for us in the end so I didn't get a chance to try and meet you before we ran out of Ohio! That makes me sad!!


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