Design Wall Monday

 Planning a charity quilt with this sweet little bundle. I got most of it from the remnant cart at the Fabric Shack and the rest came from my stash. The beauty of charity quilts is that they don't need to be complicated or sophisticated. They can be simple and fuss-free - using large scraps and clearance fabrics in simple designs. I know firsthand that even the ugliest quilt gets cuddled. Compared to the rough and sterile sheets and blankets that are on the patient beds, these handmade quilts are soft and they're warm and they're a welcome sight for little patients.  I have a great story to tell you about this very thing, but it will have to wait until another day.

I've been doing a lot of sewing for other people lately. Three customer quilts, two projects for a fabric company and doing some and this:

I had to prep my In The Clouds quilt to ship it off to QuiltCon! This quilt is 82" wide, so instead of making one long hanging sleeve I made three smaller ones. Yes, I'm kinda lazy and I really don't like hand sewing, so the idea of stitching a total of 160 inches made my hiney pucker. So I cheated. Three smaller sections, each a little over 12 inches, were much easier to manage.
I entered this quilt at the very last minute. Literally. I got my entry in at about 11:45pm for a midnight deadline. I was thrilled when I got the email that it was chosen for the category of "Use Of Negative Space". I hope it looks pretty hanging up. And I'm in awe of how well organized this first QuiltCon is. I'm not going to QuiltCon (which I'm really bummed about), but I know it will be amaze-sauce.


  1. Awesome! Andie representin' Quilt Con! :)

  2. Sweet fabrics for the charity quilt!
    Way to go on the hanging sleeve sewing saves a lot of time and frustration!

  3. ACK! Congrats Andie. How exciting.



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