Shopping for Red

 While planning a big upcoming project, I was was going through my stash pulling red fabrics. Only, I have very few red fabrics in my stash. I have a handful of FQs and only a small amount of yardage with red in it, and what I have is really not blowin' my hair back.

I should have stayed on top of this situation. I know what I like, but sometimes I forget what I don't like. I'm not a fan of red. It's almost never my go-to color. If I look back over what I've made in the last few years, there's not much red in any of it. Even the projects I did for my book are fairly void of red.

So I went window shopping last night. I think I need all of these.

Anastasia by Alexander Henry

Free Spirit Designer Solids in Cranberry

Crosssquare by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit

Dot in Red by Riley Blake

Diamonds by Patty Young for Michael Miller

Zig Zag by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman

Crosshatch by Timeless Treasures

Peony by Valori Wells

Honeycomb Hexagon by Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa

Wallflower Chintz by Michael Miller

What color fabrics are you in need of these days?


  1. I'm seriously lacking brown, purple, and pink. I've got a FQ bundle stashed away with those colors and nothing to go with it. I haven't pursued the search for it yet, but it's there in the back of my mind. LOL!

  2. Wow, you definitely need all of those reds, they're lovely, especially love the dots, zig zags and the diamonds are fab! I have virtually no yellows, oranges or greens in my stash, loads of blues and more pinks than you can shake a stick at! ; )

  3. Jean - I huess I need to buy some brown, too....

  4. Surprisingly I need red too! I am designing and making 2 banners for my church.I thought I had lots and have too few. SHOPPING TRIP!

  5. Clearly you need all of these. I'm drooling over that first one - delish. I may have to get some of that, too. What's this project, Boontsie?

    1. Lolly - It might be a pattern that might be available in the fall ;)

  6. Lots of red here, but I have to force myself to buy purple or brown.

  7. I am low on reds too. Might be because I made a concentrated effort to use up reds, since that color doesn't fit anywhere in my house or favorite color schemes. I'm just fine without having too many. Now orange? Can't get enough of it.

  8. My yellow stash is like mother hubbard's cupboard. I never have an issue finding red. I don't have ANY purple (like not even on a flower) and I am keeping it that way!

  9. Not much red in my stash, either. What's oddly missing is orange. I LOVE orange. And yet, I never seem to buy any (or enough) orange fabric.


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