This Week

I've been busy sewing this week. Lots of projects going on around here - some exciting and special, some that are a pain in my hiney.
But first, let me tell you about the happy mail I got yesterday...
I ordered some fabric from  my sweet friend Sarah's Etsy shop Swellcloth. She's closing the shop in order to focus on another business venture and all of her fabrics are on sale right now. I bought up the last few yards of that dee-li-cious Echino dot from her. I have no plan for it yet, but I like the fact that I now own 4 yards of some yummy Echino.

 I also got Uppercase magazine sent to me by my wicked cool friend fiberchic. She and I are one of those stories of virtual friends who've never met but think of each other as "my good friend so and so". We email regularly and share stories of our lives, quilting adventures and dish about people in our respective industries. She's an enormously talented quilter and I wish we lived much closer than we actually do. But anyhoo - she sent me this because Sarah Fielke, who I happen to think is amaze-sauce, is in it.  Pretty neat mag - lots design related stuff and tons of inspiration. Thank you for my present, S!!

And this cute little quilt is for a friend's nephew. She picked out the Lucy's Crab Shack charm pack from Moda and asked me to make a baby quilt in any design I choose. Not sure exactly what I want to do yet, but I know I wanted to do half-square triangles. I love a zig zag quilt and this might be the winning pattern. Still playing with the design, though.
Any Suggestions?

 It snowed here in Cincy today. Ting Ting was wound up this morning! She loves the snow...

This little gem gets shipped out today to New York. It's a custom order from my Etsy shop - they wanted a bright pink binding and I couldn't have picked a more perfect fabric than some SisBoom lovliness. And I love me a pieced quilt back. Love love love it. 
So now I begin the task of sewing a hanging sleeve on a queen size quilt. So not looking forward to this, but that story will have to wait til next week.....
If you missed our chat with Pat Sloan on Monday, click here to listen! I had some technical difficulties during the show but I hope we sounded ok. Pat was awesome to talk with.
Instagram: I'm kind of addicted. I blame this girl for it. Enabler and pusher of techie crap. See, I wouldn't have even started on the IG if I didn't really like her so much. She's got that smart-assy, snarky cool nerd thing going on, which I completely dig. And she's almost too talented for her own good. I fear she might implode from the weight of the creativity she carries around in her head. But, alas, I take comfort in knowing that I surround myself with only the finest smart asses and creative geniuses and therefore keeping up with them in IG is a small price to pay for the possibility of some creative osmosis.
Follow me on  the Instagram. Please. I have a deep need for more "likes" on my pictures.
 Sad, but true.
Are you on Instagram?
I'm planning a MDCQ sew along for March.
Who's in?


  1. I think you and your new quilts are pretty "amaze-sauce" too!

  2. Hey Andie, got a tip for you. sew the first half of the sleeve by machine when you put the binding on. The use your blind hemmer foot and sew the other long side of the sleeve to the back, just catching the backing. Hand tack the ends for strenght. This will be plenty strong and saves the hours of having to hand sew the whole sleeve on. Works great! Love your puppydog, so cute! Kate in CO

    1. Um, you just changed my life with this little tip. For real. Thank you!!


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