About That Plagiarism Thing....

Ok. Soooo....
I'm guessing this is a pretty touchy subject for some.

First, I'd like to clarify why I posted this issue in the first place and, in response to a couple of comments, make sure I prove that I'm not a total moron:

1. I don't claim to own the Road to Tennessee block. I don't think that. At all. I've been a quilter for more than 15 years. I know how this block thing works. And furthermore if I did own that block, I'd sure as heck give it a sexier name like "Andie's Road To Southwest Ohio".

2. When I saw that quilt on Pinterest, my gut reaction was - hey, someone made a quilt from my pattern. And when I looked it up, the quilt was an almost identical replication of block size, layout and aesthetic.

3. The quilt that this person made was inspired by my quilt, for which I'm glad she credited me, but she did (in my opinion) kinda incriminate herself by doing so. Double edged sword for her, I guess.

So this leads me to my decision. While I don't really have the desire to pursue this with an attorney, I also don't have a lot of time to handle this myself either. Etsy doesn't make it very easy to report these kinds of things - it's not as simple as clicking a button. But the process they lay out for these kinds of things is clear and doable.

I've decided to report it to Etsy and leave it at that. If they decide it ain't cool, then I'll let them handle it. If they decide that it's appropriate for her to be selling the pattern, I guess I'll live with it.

Thanks for being honest, everybody. I appreciate you all weighing in!


  1. ..so I had to go read your previous post and first off, I love your writing skills! You have such a talent at that! I know that you know that I can completely relate and it is so frustrating that we really can't do much more than what you've all ready done. Like my situation....and yours the quilt will keep popping up in places you wouldn't expect and yes, they will still take all the credit for it...I've come to the conclusion that it's their problem and I feel really bad for them....okay that's all. Will I see you in Portland?

    1. Amen, ladyface. There's a slim chance I'll be in Portland. Still working on it!

  2. Making the squares is o.k. Selling the pattern - NOT COOL

  3. I totally agree w you on all accounts. Her selling the pattern was plain stealing from kindred quilters. You're taking the right path....hopefully setting a precedent


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