Giveaway Winner and One Of My Dreams Comes True

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Let's start with the winner of my book and scraps:

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Um Wow.
 And the winner is.....

I'll be emailing you shortly to get your address so I can get these goodies in the mail.
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my 15 year old daughter, even though I've begged her repeatedly, doesn't want me to make clothes for her.
This makes me crazy.
And kinda sad.
But today, she asked me to make her a dress for our upcoming vacation to the beach.
I'm sorry - come again?
You want me to sew?
For you?
And she says it all casual-like, kind of a "hey, do it if you like. Whatevs".
I tried to contain my excitement as not to scare her off (I've learned that parental enthusiasm scares teenagers away) and directed her to ModCloth, one of her favorite online clothing shops, to pick out the shape/style of what she'd like.
Mind you, I'm trying to keep calm, play it super-cool and I nonchalantly say, "I can sew pretty much anything, so ...."
My daughter likes edgy stuff, a lot of black and is drawn to things like tattoos, piercings and vividly-colored hairdos.
Not sure where this kid came from, since my husband's idea of high style is Brooks Brothers and mine is Calvin Klein.
Clean. Polished.Sophisticated.
As you can imagine, there's some friction surrounding this subject.
So, to my absolute delight, she picked this dress:
photo from modcloth.com
I'm screaming with joy inside!!! She picked this pretty, fresh, feminine frock and wants me to make something like it!
For her!
(Do the Cabbage Patch, do the Cabbage Patch)
So we're on our way to Joann Fabric store to pick out a pattern that we can use to replicate this dress.
And I have a coupon.
 I might just have a stroke.
More on this story as it unfolds.
But this is a dream come true.


  1. Congrats to the winner!!!

    I know you are over the moon with this. Yay! Have fun sewing for your daughter!

  2. OMG< I'm CRACKING up right now! "Do the Cabbage Patch"! bahaha!!!! have fun with the kiddo!

  3. Ha, ha, until you get there and she picks black leather!! ;o). Only teasing, fingers crossed this is the start of something pretty, sure looks like it.

  4. Congrats to your winner!

    You so made me laugh! Please do not have a stroke - I want to see this pretty dress when you are done!

  5. My oldest daughter let me sew her senior prom dress for her! Can you imagine that?!? what fun we had...Chantilly Lace was all over it! Loved it! Congratulations to the winner, and to you Andie for your daughter turning the corner!

  6. A pretty dress and a happy memory are waiting in the wings! Enjoy!

  7. Congratualtions to the winner. And congratulations to you on conquering a new frontier of teenager sewing...

  8. DH and I were reading and laughing hysterically. He raised two daughters, I raised three. We can relate totally.

  9. Thank you so much for your coveted scraps! I will definately put them to good use! Isn't life good when your kids need you from time to time! :-) Treasure those moments! It make the other easier to deal with! LOL!!

  10. You're too funny! And since my mom hasn't ever been Happy Betty Homemaker, I always thought it would be nice to have a mom who could sew me clothes. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side...

  11. HA! I love it, hope the happy dance continues...

  12. That dress would look great in sewn up in black and worn with torn tights, some combat boots, spiky hair, and a barbed wire necklace.

    Speaking as a responsible, pulled-together (sometimes, at least) not all-black-wearing-all-the-time adult who spent her teen years resentful that the parents forbid black nail polish (why? I have no idea), I think fashion phases are mostly harmless. So even if she does twist the feminine frock into something a bit edgier it's still a dress you get to make her. And that's awesome.


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