Stitch+Craft+Create Spring Issue

I have 2 articles in this spring issue of Stitch+Craft+Create Magazine.

And I'm kinda thrilled about it.

I love this publication - it's stuffed full of delicious crafty goodness.
And I really love the editor Shannon.
I have a tiny girl crush on her.
Don't tell her.
I'm feeling a little awkward about it.


This issue is all about celebrations - weddings, birthday parties, ladies' luncheon.
 I need more celebrating in my life.
 I have a few major milestones coming up in the next few months -  a big birthday and a big anniversary.
Both are making me feel ancient.
I digress...
For this issue, I did a bowtie pattern that can be used for casual or formal occasions and for either little men or grown-up men.
And there's also a pattern for pocket squares, which, in my humble opinion, elevates a men's suit to another level of polish and style.
Love me a man in a suit.

I think I'm gonna start a bowtie company, because I had the best time making these little suckers. They come together very quickly and can be made in any number of fabrics, from silk blends to linen to velveteen.

And there's also an article about our book, too!

This issue hits stands March 26. You can find it at large-chain craft and fabric stores and booksellers.


  1. Congratulations, and what a great mag, I don't think we get that in the UK. I am guessing you can make the little bowties and add them to hair clips and hairbands for little girls too, that would be sweet!

  2. Awesome! I'll be watching for this magazines in the stores.

  3. Yippy skippy! That's so great....and what a clever project, too. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats! Will have to look for this mag!


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