Field Trip - Silk Road Textiles in Cincinnati

I had the pleasure of popping into Silk Road Textiles in the College Hill neighborhood a few weeks ago. I'm very familiar with this neighborhood as my childhood church where I was confirmed and where my babies were baptized, College Hill Presbyterian, is just down the street. Fond memories of this area for me. It was like coming home.

Let me tell you - you can't help but be inspired to sew/quilt/knit/eat chocolate and travel the world after visiting this shop!

Teresa, the owner, is a petite, well-spoken, passionate lady who has a very clear vision of the kind of business she wants to be running. She was in the Peace Corp and has traveled extensively.  Teresa wants to support women-owned businesses, especially ones that are operated by women in impoverished countries, and you can't help but admire her enthusiasm and vision.  Come along with me on this field trip and you'll see what I mean.

Ok, you all know how I feel about rainbow order, so of course this picture had to be first! This is Yara African Cotton Brocade and it comes with a waxy coating. Teresa says that after washing it it becomes very soft.

The store has a lot of light, which is so nice.
This is the lounge area in the front. So cozy.

I really love how the store is arranged - it's like a treasure hunt. Yarns are displayed with fabrics which are displayed with notions. To the far left are patterns and books moving down into hand-dyed yarns and Kona solid fabrics. There's also an amazing selection of handmade jewelry and bags - which of course are all women-made.

There are some pre-cut fabric bundles available as well as a few kits.

This is linen. And it's so delicious, you guys. It's so light it's almost sheer, but the colors are rich and it's incredibly soft. And it comes in metallics. Yes - metallic. Want that pink in the middle. Going back to get some.

This is a display at the back of the store, which is really the main entrance from the parking lot. The richness of this display made my tummy tickle. The saturated colors and the hand quilting of the pieces are beautiful.

Mmm hmm. That's some Liberty fabric on the left and some Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton on the top right. And of course I had to get some of both. The fabric on the middle shelves under the shot cotton is fabric from Japanese quilter and designer Yoko Saito.

Some more Indian cotton. It's handprinted and dyed - and it's sooo rich and beautiful.

This is one of my favorite shelves in the store - it's Australian fabric from M&S Textiles. This fabric is amazing. Uh - may - zing. The colors, the prints - sigh.

Madeline Tosh yarn, which apparently in the knitting world is kind of a big deal. I don't knit, but I aspire to knit, mostly because I love to look at yarn.

This is an interesting little nugget of info. Teresa did a test with several of her quilting and sewing friends in order to help her decide which thread to stock. She gave each person 5 different threads to use and then report back which one they preferred. Hands down, they all preferred this Presencia Thread . Every tester said they liked the weight, the silkiness and the fact that there was virtually no lint left in their machines after they used it. I bought a spool and haven't used it yet, but I'll give a full report when I do.

Another little display of floss,  patterns, jewelry, and notions.

Uh, and how smart is this shop owner? She has these beautifully packaged fair-trade chocolate bars at the counter. She knows her demographic.

This was, by far, my favorite find in the store. It's a wide cotton printed with these wonderful little color blocks on both front and back. It's really beautiful and could truly, on it's own, be a piece of artwork stretched over a frame. I'm going back to get a few yards. I need it. And it also comes in a black background, too. I forgot to write down the maker, but I'll report back about this beauty.

More yarn deliciousness.

Look at these, people.  They're hand-fired glass knitting needles. I die.

This is hand-dyed fabric from Cincinnati-based fiber artist and quilter Barbara Grothaus. She runs fabric dyeing workshops out of her home just down the street from this shop, which my Kelly has taken and really loved.

There's also a good selection of Marcia Derse, Kaffe Fassett, Dan Bennett and Brandon Mably fabrics as well as some Riley Blake, Amy Butler and Valori Wells prints.

This shop is a great resource for modern and art quilters as well as knitters/crocheters. Friendly, bright and happy and a very interesting little gem to explore worldy textiles and handmade goods.

Even if you can't make it in to Silk Road, it's fun to learn about products and textiles you didn't even know about.  Maybe they're available in your neck of the woods!


  1. Totally going to visit. Though I will be making a prom dress... This place looks like candy to me!

  2. My sister and I visited this shop last week while in Cincinnati for the quilt show. I got several nice pieces of fabric including backing fabric for a quilt I'm ready to quilt. And we went for the fair trade chocolate! Nice post!

    1. Wasn't it a neat little shop? Glad you got to stop there. And I hope the chocolate was deelish!

  3. I would go bananas in there... Thank you so much for the tour!

    1. I know! I thought of you when I was there. Textile heaven.

  4. What a beautiful shop! I've heard good things about Presencia thread too. I keep forgetting to check if any of the local quilt shops have it.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Andie! It's great to see a nice selection of Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons. Definitely need to check it out.

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  7. Such a great fabric shop and their collection. i want to go this shop next holiday.
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