New Pattern Available on Amazon

In November, I had the good fortune of this project kinda falling in my lap. This is a pattern released by David & Charles Publishers and is available on Amazon.

The 25 blocks are from three of Rosemary Youngs Civil War books (The Civil War Anniversary Quilts, The Civil War Love Letter Quilt, and The Civil War Diary Quilt). I made the cover quilt and wrote the quilt pattern instructions using the blocks from Rosemary's books.

Images for all of the blocks, plus complete instructions, are included. This pattern is for experienced quilters - probably not for beginners. I paper-pieced the blocks, but you could also trace each piece and cut each out individually and piece them.

I had so much fun putting the paper-pieced blocks together that I'm ready to make this quilt again! Love love love paper piecing. And the yummy DS Fabric that I used from Joann Fabrics make me seriously happy.

This is the finished quilt. I thought about selling it, but my daughter grabbed it and wrapped herself up in it the day I brought it home from the photo shoot and it's been wrapped around someone everyday since.

But I will make this quilt again. Oh yes. Maybe this time in some yummy Tilda or Liberty fabrics.


  1. Such a pretty quilt. The colors are great! I don't blame your family for wanting to snuggle up in it.

  2. It is a great quilt, Good Luck making it again! :o)

  3. What a gorgeous quilt! Sampler quilts are quickly becoming one of my favorites. Love the variety and the shout out to classic while using such beautiful, fun fabrics!


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