Busy, but not

I'm still here, my lovlies. I've been busy/hiding for a little bit. I do that - I hide. Kind of ironic for a blogger, eh?

I have so much show and tell for you, kids.

First and foremost, my husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage yesterday. TWENTY! I can honestly say that very few people thought we'd last a year, but we're here, 20 years later and looking forward to growing old and incontinent together.

So you know I had a big birfday at the end of April and I got some delicious goodies from my friends and family:
From the husband. New iron to replace my hated piece o'dung Rowenta. I like this Black and Decker - heats up fast, holds lots of water, good steam and nice weight. My hubby did his research.
FQ bundle of Glimma from my friend Julie, who picked this out all by herself, even though she had no idea what a fat quarter was.
A FQ bundle from my sweet friend fiberchick of Rashida Coleman-Hale's exotic and lovely line. Love this.
And I've not been super-busy sewing lately as I've had a little trouble with my lady parts that resulted in a little minor surgery last week. But I'm feeling back up to speed today and almost pain free. The most I've been doing is pulling fabric for projects. I do that a lot.
I have no business starting another project right now, but I can't help but want to make the St. Louis 16 Patch I keep seeing on Instagram. I pulled a bunch of pinks, blues and purples to see if I can come up with 20 FQs to pull this off. This isn't going to get done immediately, but I might just cut the strips and put them aside for later.

My sister-in-law lives in the Southwest and she just moved into a new house. I want to make her a housewarming gift and her colors are very....southwest. Greens, browns, turquoise and terra cotta. I think I'm going to make a cute little pillow with a simple design.

This is a work in progress. I'm writing a few patterns right now and this happens to be made from the "scraps" of one of the projects. 4" half-square triangles set on point make me happy. And the colors against the black essex linen (which is really pewter colored) make me a wanna smack my momma.

And this was really exciting. I've been emailing quilting legend and sweet potatuh Darlene Zimmerman and we talked about Kelly and me using some of her templates for some of our upcoming projects. So she sent us some! Kelly and I both want to make a Joseph's Coat and the Pickle Dish and Darlene generously sent them along for us to try. I'm pretty excited to try these out, but I have to say they have A LOT of pieces. A LOT. The great thing about these templates is everything is figured out for you - the fabric requirements for baby thru king size quilts are on the back and complete instructions for cutting and piecing are included. Not sure how I want to tackle this one, but I've been looking at Pickle Dish and Joseph's Coat quilts on the interwebz for a few days.

Pickle Dish:

Tenneseequilts.com                                                                pinterest.com

Joseph's Coat:



And it's prom season, so I'm making bow ties for my son and a few friends. I still have a few more to go, but these are done. Not sure why someone wanted a pink and white elephant bow tie, but I ordered this fabric from Hawthorne Threads. So cute.


  1. You've seen the Wedding Singer, I hope? Foxy first dance at our wedding was to Adam Sandler's "I Wanna Grow Old with You". if only he had thrown a line in there about incontinence...

  2. Wow, some great stuff going on at yours, love those fabrics! hope you're feeling 100% better soon though, no-one likes dodgy lady parts!! :o)

  3. Gorgeous fabricy goodness abound in this post.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! Congrats on your anniversary! And me too! Ive been stacking fabric for the STL 16 patch! I had some fqs left from my lemoyne star. I think Ill do a 4 by 4+16 blocks. I love the nice throw size. not sure when I will make it , but it looks like it would sew up quick!

  5. Very nice birthday presents. You're a fortunate quilter! So glad you got a new iron. If you ever need another, I HIGHLY recommend T-Fal brand. That brand also has a high rating, especially among quilters (I researched it too), though it can be a difficult brand to find in stores. I'm happy for YOU to be doing that Joseph's Coat. I jumped on that bandwagon a couple years ago, discovered I just wasn't happy with how those points turn under, and how they come together, so I ended up giving it away. No regrets! It will be interesting to see what you discover as you make it for yourself.

  6. Congratulations on 20! We're working on 44 this year - now that is SHOCKING! I have a Black and Decker iron that is years and years old! I don't remember for sure but think this is the 2nd one in 44 years and this B&D must be 25-35 years old! I should see if I have my paperwork in the household file. I hope that you have many, many years of great ironing with your B&D. :)

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! Twenty years in this day and age is quite the accomplishment! Love all your projects. Coincidentally, I started a Joseph's Coat but with a home made template which is very slow and not completely accurate compared to those Darlene Zimmerman ones... Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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