Quilt Block for CCHMC

I work in the Bone and Marrow Transplant unit in the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. It's a special place, y'all, and I feel very privileged to be providing care for patients and their families at a scary, stressful and sometimes very grim part of their lives. I don't always like my job, but I do feel like I'm supposed to be there.

So when the hospital announced that they were asking for quilt blocks from each unit for a quilt to be displayed in the main concourse, of course I had to volunteer to make the one from our unit.

My manager suggested that I include cells or blood elements in the design.
Um, no.
I wanted something cute and simple and to the point.

Transplant Awareness ribbons are green/bright green, so I wanted to use that element as the focal point.

I have Jenny Doak's paper piecing book, which is a great resource if you want basic designs.

This 6" block is in the book and I used the ribbon part of it and skipped the heart. I enlarged the ribbon to 8" and used a TOT green that had both green and bright green to cover my bases.

You can find this block on Carol Doak's website for download. You could use it for breast cancer, supporting the troops or any other awareness ribbon.

I. love. paper piecing!
Love it.

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