Diner Love

I love diners, especially old-school joints with a classic feel and a simple concept. I went to visit my dad a few weeks ago and he took me to an awesome little gem called the Cove Diner in
Fallston, PA.
It's owned by a guy named Ron and he's turned this vintage truck stop into a 50s themed diner with a car repair center on the other side. According to my dad, this was THE truck stop in the 50s and 60s, complete with sleeping rooms upstairs and full-service truck repair/fueling station. My dad says he and his friends used to frequent the 24-hour diner as a teen after a night of mischief.
It's so stinkin cute, y'all. It's homey and vintagelicious and just plain fun. Who doesn't want to eat their scrambled eggs in retro booths and checkerboard floors?
The counter is original.
Oldies in the jukebox. Elvis, Frankie Valli, and Chubby Checker.

Cheap eats. The best.


This is hanging next to the jukebox.

The front of the Diner side.

The back patio.

If you find yourself in Beaver County, Pennsylvania anytime soon, be sure to drop in to the Cove Diner.
And tell Ron that Joe's daughter sent you.


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