Chucktown with My Lolly

I went to Charleston, SC a few weekends ago to see my Kel Kel Lollybritches. (aka Kelly Biscopink) What a wonderful weekend - Charleston is a beautiful city with tons of history and architecture and FOOD and water and beaches and shopping. I'm pretty sure I could live there. For real. When Kelly told me last summer she was moving there from Cincinnati, I was sad and secretly hoping she would hate it there and come back to me here.
What the heck was I thinking?
I can't hate on her for leaving SW Ohio for all that Chucktown has to offer.
Um, I'm ready to pack it up and join her.
We shopped and hit the local quilt stores and hung out on the beach. Fabulous.
This little shop was in Summerville. It was like a REAL Anthropologie - tons of antiques and trinkets and beautiful linenes and decor. It was like a treasure hunt. And Kelly found a white Feather weight in a blue case in very good condition just sitting under a chair in the corner. She got it for a steal and had a great big goofy smile for the rest of the day.

Pyrex heaven in a little vintage shop in Summerville. If I could have taken a bunch of this back home with me on my flight, I would have.

People, Places and Quilts in Summerville. Lovely shop with a good selection of modern and traditional fabrics and tons of books and patterns. This is Kelly's favorite shop and we were treated like quilting celebrities while we were there. (Kelly just happened to mention we wrote a book that they sell...)  Highly recommend that you stop by this gem if you have to good fortune of passing through Charleston.

Courtney and Shannon from Martha Pullen joined us on Saturday and Sunday. I LURVE these girls. So funny, intelligent and warm. Good southern girls. 

My first oyster.
My last oyster.

Folly Beach. Great day in the sun, people watching and enjoying the sand crabs that were running around near us. Kinda creepy, but very entertaining. We spent the rest of the afternoon at a bar enjoying some music and drinkin PBR tall boys. Good stuff.

One of the mandatory events that needed to take place on my visit was a date with some shrimp and grits. I don't normally take pics of my food, but holy crap, y'all. This was soooo good.  That's a fried green tomato in that stack of shrimpy, cheesy goodness. And it was perfect.

A quick hop into the Anthropologie store in downtown C-town and I happen upon this quilty frock. It was amazing - I couldn't take my eyes off of it!
Planning to take the husband back for a little romantic trip - just the two of us.
Thank you to my Lolly for her expert hostess skills and tour guiding!!


  1. That's a lovely dress/skirt! But doesn't it kind of make you crazy that you can see the back side and it's not covered to prevent from fraying??

    1. I can't imaginee what a wreck that thing is gonna be the first time it gets washed. Maybe that's why it was in the clearance section....

  2. I'm glad you came to visit but left Kelly here. We really like her. There are many good things about this place- food included.

  3. What was the name of the shop in Summerville where your friend found the white sewing machine.. I moved about 45 minutes out side of Charleston about 2 years ago and I have been wanting to go to some of those anitquey type shops in Summerville....

    1. Kelly says it's called Marigolds

    2. Thank you Kelly I will have to look for it. I want to so go exploring shops one day and have no clue where to go whats good and what s not. Last time, We tried we ended up a a t total junk shop...lol... If I had had intel prior to that I am sur eI would have never went their. Hate to be a bother but do you recall what part of Summerville it is located to make my search easier please?

    3. HI Tammy. Here's the link to the shop with the address: http://www.marigoldssummerville.com

      It's right in the little downtown area of Summerville, walking distance from People Places and Quilts.

  4. hahahaha that oyster picture! Shrimp and grits is my have there too. And with FGTs?!?! shit. Take me with you next time!

  5. Love the caption: My first oyster. My last oyster. bwahaha! Seriously, so glad you and Kelly could reunite in beautiful SC. Nice post. Cheers!

  6. Looks like a wonderful time! That antique store seems like it would be fabulous.

  7. That is the most wonderfully horrifying picture of me ever. wow.


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