Back In The Saddle

My sewing mojo has returned after a long hiatus.
Feels good.

My creative process has been in gridlock for a few months and the ideas are startin' to flow. I've also got and an ever-growing stash that needs to be used. Even though I haven't been sewing that much, I've still been buying fabric impulsively, just as I've been doing for years, but not actually using it. I can't in good conscience keep buying fabric without actually cutting it up.

So, I busted out 15 fat quarters and some white fabric to make this queen size rainbow-liciousness:

I used some new and old FQs with some nice white muslin and used Steffani's St. Louis 16-patch tute to throw this thing together lickety split. I looove this so good. I'm pulling fabric for another one that's gonna be all vintage-inspired florals - very Laura Ashley.

And this is block #1 for the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild's Quilts of Valor project. I'm so excited about this project - I love the idea of our quilt guild ladies making a quilt for a veteran. There's nothing better than creating something that you love and then giving it to someone out of love and gratitude. Can't wait to see what the other guild ladies make!

Oh man - this is some big news.
This handsome little fella is comin' to live with us.
We pick him up on Sunday.
Oh man.


  1. OMG!!! I'm getting a puppy Sunday too!
    Love your rainbow 16 patch, and happy for you that your mojo is back. Send some my way please???

  2. Send some of your Mojo over here! Mine is MIA. Your St Louis is positively juicy!!! Congrats too on the new fur baby. English Springer Spaniel? What are you going to call him?

    1. He's a Dutch Partridge Hound - very new breed here in the US. He's had a bumpy start. Poor thing is coming to us by way of Washington state, Pennsylvania and Virginia. His owner didn't really take to him and then put him in foster care with a gal in VA. Long story short, we're his foster care home with hopes of making him a permanent resident if all goes well. His name is Obi, but we're not feelin it - thinking of renaming him. Names on the list right now are Gunnar, Beau, Bennett and Milo.

    2. Why am I not surprised that even your dog is rare and special:)!

  3. Welcome back! That bub is too adorable! He looks like a Milo, I think.

  4. What? No more Obi? lol. If not Obi, then definitely Beau or Bennett :)

  5. Oh man good luck with the puppy! We have a brittany and those bird dogs are smart but intense!!!


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