Workin It

Let's just be honest here, people.

Recently, my blogging has been, well, kinda sucky.
I have no excuse.

I haven't been sewing that much and until recently, I've been fairly bored with myself, so why on God's green earth would you be interested in reading about what I'm NOT sewing or what I made for dinner last night?

But, there's been a shift lately. Not sure if it's my new meds {"better living through chemistry" - my therapist}or the fact that I'm training for....wait for it....

A. Half. Marathon.

Because I have no good reason not to.
I've been peer pressured into it.

And thank goodness for it! My fit friends decided to do the Nashville Marathon in April and asked if I wanted to do it too.
Huh? Like, 26.2 miles?
Um, no thanks.
But I could do a half marathon. Especially in Nashville.

So I'm now in week 5 of training and the marathon is 21 weeks away. And shockingly, I actually enjoy the training. I've never been a runner, don't really like to run, but have always aspired to be one. I've found a few things to keep me motivated:

1. Endorphins. Me like 'em.
2. Running gear. A cute outfit, especially when torturing yourself, is essential.
3. A great playlist. I imagine myself in a Nike ad when I run and listen to The Black Keys.
4. Friends who text-shame me if I don't workout.

So, with this new activity, I've had a surge of energy and creativity - a welcome break from the monotony that can be my life. I've got some things in the works and I'm excited to get sewing on them.

 What I imagine I look like when I run.              What I really look like.

But for now, the rest of week 5 awaits me.

I've started a new fitness board on Pinterest. Check it out!

I promise my blogging will be better. I actually have to tell you about, so....


  1. Yay for you, Andie! So glad you've found something to inspire you. I was a jogger for many years (like 12) - a crazy, five miles a day/five days a week kind of jogger. I regret it. I'm now living with osteoarthritis in my left hip, until that needs to be replaced, and no cartilage in my right knee, until that needs to be replaced. Being young and fit led me to think I would live forever. So. Moderation. That's your buzz-word from me. I ran a half marathon in 2000, and that's the last time I ever jogged. But the damage was done by that point. So get out there. Run. Kick butt in that half-marathon, and then try fast walking, or jogging a mile or so a couple times a week. Be smart.

  2. Oh my sweet friend Linda - wise, wise words. I have no intention of being a runner or even running the whole course. I'm perfectly content jogging some and then walking some.I'm using the Couch to 10K right now to get moving, which is a nice combo of jogging and walking. Moderation is very good advice - I'll remember it. It's so much of a mental/emotional journey for me right now. And of course, Jesus is my running buddy. Thank you, thank you!!

  3. I'm so impressed, Andie...especially with winter coming! I recently got a bike and am looking forward to taking Linda's advice of not running every day! (Ha! I've never ever ran even one day, so that's not a problem!) I'm cheering you on!!

    1. Thanks, Mama Carla! I actually feel better when I run in the cold - I had some lung issues about 10 years ago and I think the cold air helps open me up. I bet you have the cutest bike on the block, don't you? XOXOXO

  4. I'm all admiration that you are going to do a half marathan. I'm cheering you on. Me, I just walk, and quilt too.

  5. You go girl! A half marathon in Nashville sounds fun. Ran one myself in 1999, Grandma's in Duluth, Minnesota. Still do some running and now you've got me thinking....

  6. You are an inspiration! Watch your knees...


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