Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Quilt

I had the great privilege of making the quilt block that represents the Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute for Cincy Children's collaborative quilt. Although the block was set with the wrong end up (even though I labeled it profusely with "this end up" arrows!!), it still looks kinda cute.  All units and departments were invited to make a block and I, of course, volunteered to make the one for the BMT (I work there part-time).

I used the pink ribbon paper-piecing template from Carol Doak to make the green ribbon that represents transplants. I free-hand drew the letters from some scraps and used double-sided fusible interfacing to attach them to the block. I then did a simple zig zag around them and added a border around everything. It was an easy and satisfying project!

This quilt hangs outside of the Sabin Auditorium (named after CCHMC physician Albert Sabin, who developed the polio vaccine). It's a very cheerful and lovely collaboration. And it's HUGE!


  1. What a great quilt! I will go look at it the next time I'm down at Childrens. Wonderful hospital, wonderful staff.

  2. Great quilt and your contribution is lovely wrongly set or not!

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