College Bound

My son's girlfriend just signed her letter of intent to play soccer for Cleveland State University beginning in the fall. So, I made her these sweatpants from some green Oakshott and Denyse Schmidt floral fabric on store-bought black fleece pants. I used a font from MS Word and printed out the letters, using just the outline option so as not to waste ink, at size 300. Getting the letter sizes just right may take some tinkering, so as I always say - practice first!

If you want to know how to applique these letters to an item you've puchased, visit my machine applique tutorial~ just make sure to reverse the letters when tracing them sonto the HNB paper so they're facing the right way when you cut them out.


  1. Those are quite cute! Do you have any tips on how to applique on clothing? Do you open the seam on the side of the pants? I can manage on a flat quilt block, but feel like I'm fighting the machine when dealing with shirts, etc.

    1. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to just keep the seam intact. I thought about taking it apart, but I firgured I'd try to do it before I ripped apart a strong, commercial-grade seam like that. I did have to do a little creative turning and pivoting, but nothing a semi-experienced sewer couldn't handle.

  2. Lucky girl! Future DIL? You are a deft sewer if you didn't have to open that side seam:)


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