Class at Silk Road

I taught a class at Silk Road Textiles in Cincinnati in February and I had such a great time with the ladies. Really fun group of quilters! We learned the spider web block from the Effie's Web quilt and I just get so dang excited to see how others re-create a block in their own colors.

Sometimes I almost have to pinch myself when I'm teaching a class - I just feel so blessed to spend time with other quilters....and get paid for it. Crazy.


  1. Great blocks! This is one of my favorites. And ditto your last statement. I feel exactly the same way about teaching and being paid. It's wonderful to do what you love, isn't it?

  2. It is amazing how different fabric choices change the look of this block. Please do a follow up post. It would great to see how these quilts all turn out!


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