Grandma's Quilts

I would have shared this news sooner, but honestly - I really had no idea how to write about it. Words fail me, even weeks later, to convey....well...everything about this.
My aunt Judy sent me a package that contained 3 unfinished quilt tops and 2 sets of unfinished quilt blocks.
They've been in storage for 30+ years.
They were my grandmother's.

My aunt told me they were either made by my grandmother or my great-grandmother Molly in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

I had no idea these existed. My grandmother was a prolific crocheter and I knew she sewed in her early years, but I didn't know she tried her hand at quilting. She passed away in 2007. I miss her everyday.

I really want to finish them. I'm not sure how to finish the top one - maybe a blue border? And the  Dresden Plates I think I'm going to set on point and do a really thin sashing in a 30s reproduction. And the Yellow Album quilt is missing one of the end borders, which might require some creative planning to finish that one. I might just finish it as is and call it a day.

Hmmm. Just not sure.

Any ideas?


  1. How absolutely wonderful! I have two sets of quilt blocks made by my grandma. One set is appliqued and the other embroidered. Recently my mother-in-law gave me one pieced quilt top and two sets of quilt blocks her mom made. I feel very honored she gave them to me and not one of her daughters. Right now I have them all put away until I figure out exactly how to move forward with them.

  2. I'm speechless. What a treasure trove. Can you believe your Grandmother's and Great Grandmother's hands actually cut and sewed and touched all the squares! How amazing that you have inherited them and how absolutely PERFECT. I'm sure they are smiling at you and glad their work is being admired by the following generations. I'm positive whatever you do with them will honor their memory.

  3. Love the blanket stitching on the dresden blocks.

  4. Definitely these are real treasures. If you feel brave, you can even take apart the album quilt and make 2 smaller quilts, then use whatever is left over in yet another projects. I think a darker blue, something like the plaid in the blocks, would look nice for the top one. And I love your idea for the dresdens.


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