What Does Pat Bravo Think of MDCQ?

Pat Bravo - a dynamo of a woman in a tiny little package - finally, finally reviewed our book Modern Designs For Classic Quilts.  She's got some sweet things to say about the book and some general praising of Kelly and me that, quite frankly, I'm not at all embarrassed to brag about. Actually, I'm eating it up.

Kelly and Me meeting Pat at Quilt Market 2012

For those of you who don't know Pat, she's an energetic South American quilter who decided to start her own fabric company. She started designing fabrics for herself and was quickly encouraged by her quilting friends to market those fabrics to other quilters and thus, Art Gallery Fabrics was born. She employs an army of dark-haired beauties and is joined by her sweet and jolly husband Walter as her partner. She has also hired prominent quilters and surface designers to design fabric lines, all of which have been wildly successful.


  1. Hey Andie! Loooooving this photo and your warm words... Can't wait to see you at Market!! <3


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