Blue and White Cuddle Quilt for my BFF

 Not the greatest pic of this baby, but you get the idea, right?  My girl Wendell loves her some Indianapolis Colts and is, naturally, a fan of blue. I needed a project that would go together quickly as I started this kinda last minute for her birthday. 

I totally improvised this thing - there really wasn't a plan other than use what I had and make big blocks. Strips are 15" long and vary in width. 

I used only fabrics that I had in my stash - strips of scraps, some FQs and yardage as well as dress shirts that I've been hoarding for years that belonged to my husband and boys and a few I picked up at thrift shops for a few pennies. I used 4 different whites for the background, which is one of the best parts of this quilt for me.

 I love love love a scrappy quilt. There's just something so endearing and yummy about using fabrics that were also used in other projects. And I'm a hopeless scrap hoarder. I  keep stuff I have no business keeping - shreds and tiny bits. But if I love a fabric and I can't bear to pitch it, it goes in the scrap bin. There are fabrics in here that are also in quilts from my books, custom quilts for little bambinos from California to New Zealand and projects for people I love. 

I backed it with a navy blue sheet I thrifted for 10 cents and the binding is a scrappy mix of some Art Gallery dots, Cotton and Steel butterflies and men's shirting. Yum.

My salty old man Murphy and his summer perch on my front porch. 
He's a quilt lover, too. 
I'm guessing.  

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  1. You are my kind of quilter! A thrifted sheet? AMEN sister! No plan? I love it! I'm happy to hear about your philosophy on quilting and will be following your blog and buying your book--toute suite!


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