New York Beauty Class at Dallas' Urban Spools 7/18 - Space still Available!

Hey Dallas / Fort Worth peeps!
Wanna learn how to make this Beauty?

Paper piecing and curved seams - seems like tons of heavy lifting in this pattern, huh?

Listen to me now, hear me later......
You can do this.
If I can do this, so can you.
 I promise promise promise it's not as scary as you think it is.
And I'll help you through it! 

How good will it feel to conquer this thing? 
You'll feel like a freakin' champ.
 Daaaaang I love this quilt.
Love. It.
It's my quilting opus fo shiz.

I love me a New York Beauty quilt. So elegant, so sophisticated. 
And I thought - hey, I'll make one for my book!
And so I did.
Made the template my little ol' self and errything.
Make your version of this sweetheart - I've made ( read: started) several different versions of it.
Even a mini version!

Registration is still open at URBAN SPOOLS - and the book
  Modern Designs for Classic Quilts is included in the deal!

Hurry before this class fills up! 
Come play with me!

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