Born and raised in southwest Ohio, I have 3 college students {2 guys, 1 gal} I'm a huge sports fan, love to garden and hike and I'm a dang good cook and baker.

I learned to sew in high school in a home ec. class and fell in love with it.  I then took 2 semesters of an advanced sewing class and really learned clothing construction and technique. I fell in love with quilts at an early age - it was a double wedding ring quilt that did it for me. It was done in yummy feedsack fabrics against a white muslin background. I love the creative process and I can't get enough of fabric and notions - they make me a little giddy.

When my kids were babies, I loved making clothes for them. But as the kids got busier and busier, I stopped sewing. In 2007, I started sewing again after making a quilt for a friend who adopted a little girl from China. My love for sewing came back stronger than ever!  I can't tell you how much I love creating something!  I love the construction process of quilting and sewing and I find great joy in creating and sharing with other women who create.

I teach and lecture all over the country and just love meeting other quilty peeps.

Email me anytime if you have questions, concerns or gripes. at andiejohnsonsews {@} gmail .com

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