Workshops & Lectures

Using the book Modern Designs For Classic Quilts as a guide, {along with other patterns I've written}, I'm available for lectures and workshops for your group.  Please contact me at andiejohnsonsews {at} gmail .com for pricing and scheduling.


New York Beauty

Using the pattern from MDCQ, we'll move step by step though the paper-piecing and curved seam techniques of this gorgeous {and sometimes tricky} block. Students will walk away with several completed blocks and confidence to complete the entire quilt at home.
4 hour workshop

Paper Piecing

Paper piecing is so fun! The precision achieved is flawless and the designs and motifs range from traditional to very whimsical. Paper piecing seems to intimidate quilters and sewists and, using  simple and fun-themed blocks, I'll teach your group this technique that will open up endless possibilities.
3 or 6 hour workshop

English Paper Pieced Hexagons

Using both hexie patterns from MDQC, your group will learn how to paper-piece both hexagons and other shapes to use in a number of different projects.
3 hour workshop

Improvisational Foundation Piecing

The Meshugana Quilt from MDCQ is a crazy block. Crazy quilts were all the rage in the early part of the 20th century and were heavily embellished and very ornate. In this class, however, we'll be learning this technique to create a fresh, crisp design using tonal solids. This is modern quilting at its essence.
3 or 6 hour workshop

String Pieced Blocks

The spider web quilt from MDQC was such fun to make and was a great scrap buster. I love the technique of string quilts because they can be improvisational or very precise. They can be scrappy or have a very structured look. This would be a great opportunity for workshop attendees to share their scraps!
3 hour workshop


Looking to the Past for Modern Quilt Inspiration
Using age-old blocks and techniques, we can spin historical elements and aesthetics into new and exciting designs. We'll also look at "modern" quilters of the past. This lecture is a combination PowerPoint presentation and quilt trunk show.

Quilting in the Social Media Age
We'll discuss how social media outlets and blogs have impacted the resurgence of quilting over the last 10 years. This is a structured interactive, participant-driven discussion and multi-media presentation.

Email me at AndieJohnsonSews @ gmail . com to ask about scheduling and rates.


  1. Andrea, I read your book and heard your radio interview. I will be contacting you to host a ladies quilting party/lesson. I would like to talk to you about the demographics of my group and which option would be best for the ladies that will be attending. Can't wait! Your work is divine!

  2. Enjoyed your talk last night at Pink Castle. You are very personable and charming and your quilts are delightful. You may not be comfortable marketing yourself, but you have a lot of positives going on! Stick with it--you're doing great!


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